This crazy ole year of the Monkey!!

How are you holding up this year with all the change and disruption happening to you and around us all? A challenging year for you? Are you thinking that the world has gone crazy? The good news is that we are all experiencing all sorts of issues. The bad news is that we are still madly trying to cope and move forwards!

Well it IS the Year of the Fire Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac after all.       Just think about that for a moment. Even the words fire and monkey evoke crazy images!!! Add to that the knowledge that 2016 is in a year 9 of the numerology cycle which simply means that the current cycle of 9 years is completing and before we move into a new cycle we must wind up old business. You know,… move on from that stale relationship, exchange chocolate for quinoa, try out your karma for smacking your kid sister over the head with your shoe, move on from that boring job and other kinds of get-on-with-it, challenge yourself type things….All in the name of becoming a better you!

Life is generally a seasonal and cyclical thing with generations of patterns while slowly, slowly mankind has evolved to current status. Sadly our evolution has been a bit stunted leaving all manner of damage in it’s wake and a heavy earth energy. So then it is no surprise that there has been intervention by the Universe to ensure change. Long story short, we are all here in the beginning of a brand new unprecedented cycle never experienced before. It is a time of change and opportunity in which to correct past mistakes. The details of this history lesson is available if you feel like asking by the way!!

So why are we here??

We are here to assist with the process of evolving into more advanced, compassionate and loving beings with more consideration for all other beings including the plant, mineral and animal kingdom. What a dynamite and fascinating opportunity for us all to leap in and assist so we can go home at the end of our lives waving a T-Shirt that reads “ I was on earth at that time in history when it became better than ever!!!”

And that change begins how? Well, with ourselves. We can love ourselves more by forgiving ourselves, connecting to our intuition with focus and REALLY listening to what our authentic self needs. When we treat ourselves gently with wisdom and kindness, figuring out that we can flow with life a whole lot easier by looking for the wonder in every day, then we can begin to offer care to others with genuine and balanced support.

Mother Earth, mankind, animals and all physical beings on earth are undergoing vibrational change supported by Universal love as we reach for a better way to live together in respect. Our actual energetic make up is changing at a DNA level and this is affecting our bodies and emotions as we leave behind old feelings, illness and unwanted situations that no longer serve us. It is a painful transition but a worthy one.

Many of us have been ill, fatigued, overwhelmed this year with a culmination of unwelcome issues. There has been a whole gammit of symptom’s that medical testing cannot explain including insomnia, dizziness, ears ringing, headaches, palpitations, muscle aches, joint pain and hot flushes to name a few. We have been bombarded with the changing energy vibration of a changing world. This is a good thing since this energy is positive and working busily at nudging us towards self awareness and taking better care of ourselves. The last few months we have been invited to stop and rest, healing all those areas that needed internal hugs. We need to be quietly introspective at these times and allow time to rest from a busy difficult world.

I want to tell you that everything is okay. You are not going crazy. It is okay to pull back and stop to reflect. It is good to ask for help.

We are moving forward to unity of communities where we welcome the differences of each other and where we learn to communicate with wisdom and compassion. You see the evidence everywhere as groups begin to rescue, support, instigate change and feel injustice at deeper levels. This is our destiny.

BUT to change things, we have to allow room for current systems to be replaced with better ways which each one of us will have a hand in with positive and patient attitudes, thoughts and actions. Corporate business, medical and education systems are renegotiating while people all over the world are focusing on more kindness. The hard part is that it takes time and people are divided into those that care and those that don’t. However, everyone will get the opportunity to choose caring with the free will that we are blessed with.

The energies that are assisting us to evolve are also challenging to our bodies and that means everyone feels stressed, in pain, frazzled and fatigued.

This begins to wane somewhat as we move into our communities and gather personal support. Plus we could all benefit from understanding what is happening to us.

The last few months for me personally have been very challenging with health issues (thanks for help with my rehab lovely friends!), car accidents, travel things, a double flood of our house which will take months to restore back to normal and so much more. I am learning hard and fast to welcome in each day with a search for the hidden gift amongst the frustration. I started off with a view to be like “a blade of grass in the wind” but had to modify it to be “like bamboo in a hurricane”!!!! The process is the same however – step back and let it flow around you.

When a challenge arrives, STOP. Take a minute. Breathe. Now reprioritise with calmness. Whether an emergency or not, some things just don’t matter. Think through the difference and remerge with a more centred approach. Know when to find help. Know when to pack it in for the moment. Know when to let it go.

Everything we are undergoing at present is ok. We are adjusting to the new frequencies and our bodies are changing as we evolve. Allow yourself to just be. We will gradually grow past these things. Rest lots. Drink plenty of water and eat light nutritious meals.

Smile. Find something to laugh about. There is so much that is positive and wonderful to be aware of in every day. With your shoulders around your ears and your gut in a knot, you might miss them!!! It is everyone’s right to have laughter, enjoyment and rest so reprioritise and follow your heart, trust that the Universe has your back. You are doing ok. Grab a friend and laugh.

You’ve got this.