Guiding Children With Down Time

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By Alexandra Browne-Hill, Naturally Vibrant Healing.

Offering : Restful soothing Reiki therapy to assist with chronic illness, stress relief, rebalancing. Holistic Counselling – with safe, supportive engagement of your Soul requirements to find contentment that is right for you in order to resolve trauma, life damage, fear or stress. For adults and children. Spiritual mentoring to assist you to follow the path your heart feels is best for you. Workshops and classes for Caregivers, Pre-teens, Debrief Trauma, Intuitive Care, Serious Illness/ Palliative care.

Walking beside our children while they grow and experience life adventures can be exhilarating and enjoyable. Most times we all grow in many ways as a family unit. Sometimes however, it feels more like a mountainous hike with the challenges of guiding our family through schooling, educative processes and a rather tumultuous society full of expectations. We try to navigate through shift work versus school hours, wholesome meals versus fast snacks, financial burden versus missing out. Let’s face it, as much as we love our families, negotiating our life path is fast, over busy, and exhausting with an ever decreasing focus on quiet time. There is a huge BUT right there! But we need down time…and lots more of it! How will we find time to nourish our bodies, our minds and most importantly, our Souls so that we can feel healthy and balanced if we do not take a reflective, peace filled time? When can we encourage our children with the much needed hope and faith that life can be wonderful and creative, with the knowledge that anything can be solved IF we don’t stop and share this information with them? Our children, our youths and our young people are propelled along at a high rate of knots, reaching burn out very early with a resultant lack of confidence and ability to connect with their own wisdom – an ancient wisdom tucked away in their highly intelligent heads and very underused. There has been no time and no guidance to show them how. Simultaneously, we have become a society of stressed, weary, chronically ill and frustrated adults. We try very hard to give our children experiences and technical equipment. Yet, we are too burnt out to actually connect with our kids while we concern ourselves with longer hours, paying bills, reaching ever more for a better home or car…ouch. It is all very unproductive in the long run when we begin to see the results of our children turning to the wrong “friends”, not being able to problem solve their issues or in fact even share their issues and sadly to take their frustration out on each other in a growing bullying culture.

Whether you are a parent, a child, a teen, a teacher, a carer, or anyone who cares about life matters, we all require a connection within ourselves to know who we are and to listen to our own deeper wisdom. We intuitively understand right from wrong and what we need as individuals, even more so when we are younger before society moves that skill out of our reach. At birth we are intuitively smart and just KNOW things. We all feel when something is not functioning well for us. This sense of things not sitting well within us gives us indicators that we might consider change, or be a precursor to depression if not addressed or even be old trauma that makes it difficult to stop and listen in to our own wise words. This is life and things occur for us to learn life lessons. That does not mean that we are alone. Far from it.

Being a part of a supportive, loving and encouraging community has proven to reward us with wonderful creative outcomes and a sense of accomplishment with increasing healthy self-esteem.  We can strive for more with compassion and hope, understanding ourselves more clearly and focusing more on ourselves as opposed to focussing on whatever the rest of the world is doing. We can discover strategies and tools for navigating our lives with more kindness, effectiveness and understanding. Collecting skills for balancing your life and creating healthy boundaries is important. Learning how to communicate with proficiency helps enormously. Using your natural given intuition and expanding it to hear your own answers clearly and compassionately is half the answer. The other half is finding time to be reflecting on your own requirements. Children do require plenty of down time in order to explore their thoughts, new ideas and get a break from society.

As a registered nurse, midwife and parent, I am passionate about supporting you to discover a more compassionate, peaceful life journey which you can share with your family and friends. This can often mean healing yourself from life events, stresses, trauma or illness before you can go any further. Over the years of nursing, spiritual studies and travel to other cultures, I have packaged up practical methods of restoring ourselves back to a healthy condition emotionally, physically and deep in our Soul. Using a blend of western medical skills, Buddhist philosophy, ancient indigenous wisdom and experience as a nurse and counsellor, I am committed to supporting anyone seeking to improve their health. I offer hard earned tools and strategies for Self- Healing with the natural and beautiful insights you can benefit from with your own intuition and guidance within a safe and supported space.

All individuals, regardless of age, have something unique and wonderful to offer the world. We can do this by connecting with that ancient part of ourselves which already knows our own answers. My aim is to support you to achieve this goal. I am committed to helping you plan your physical, mental, emotional and soul needs in healthy, natural and practical ways.  What I can offer you and anyone in your family is a safe space in which to step out of the world for a while and enjoy a soothing, peaceful Reiki Session. This is described by many as a massage of the soul and is used in hospitals around the world today for a sense of peace and self-connection. Holistic Counselling, also available, is focused on your uniqueness together with processes that are adapted for your needs which allow you to develop your inner strengths and find answers that feel right for you whatever age you are. There are processes such as sand play and drawing therapy for children to enjoy and gain from. Tactics and strategies for guiding you, your students, your children and families are time honoured methods of supporting you to create a warm and loving relationship with those around you and an improved relationship with yourself.

Warmly, Alex Alexandra Browne-Hill Healing

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Something Intriguingly Important to Share


August 2018 - Luminous Wisdom - Sophia - Alexandra Browne-Hill - double fronted (1)By Alexandra Browne-Hill

If you had something important to share with the world, what would it be? What are you most passionate about?          I have always noticed oddities and things not spoken about. As a child I had “known” things. When it came time for me to follow my career as a nurse for example, strange things happened in the old dark wards of outdated hospitals. My passion is the sharing of evidence that we are Souls. We do not die but rather we pass into a flow of beautiful energy which allows visits to loved ones and assistance for those remaining on Earth.

I have a son who lives with God and he provides me with the most extraordinary verifications. At 6 years old Kieran first told us that he would have a short life. He requested we not cry for him after he left us. This moment of horrible realisation, feeling frighteningly true in my solar plexus, was repeated before Kieran actually left the planet. Lessons regarding Soul survival featured in my life and began the foundations of my faith in a Universe that is powerful and cosmically grand. Kieran was always present in my lessons.

Discovering the presence of other Beings through my studies, travel to Sacred places and meditations provided experiences I couldn’t dispute. Inexplicable evidence was no longer in contention with my western mind. Developing an awareness of loving guidance and connection with our natural Home helps our potential to rise above the lower human state. The easiest way to connect with something greater than ourselves is to lift the vibration of our love. Like a radio frequency, our innate antennae can pick up messages from far away if we are in alignment with the energy of the Greater Loving Beings.

With lessons from my son demanding my attention I soon picked up methods of connecting with him and communicating. ‘I promise,’ I told him, ‘I will work on our method of discussion and find a way to reach you always.’ He has assisted me in many ways. I studied hard and practiced grounding, connecting to White Light and protecting my energy. Now I work with him assisting others to connect to their Higher Selves to receive their own guidance. It brings a major source of peace and contentment to be authentically a Soul in a human vessel.

We are complete when connected to our innate wisdom, intuitively aware of energy around us and within us. We function well naturally when understanding the bigger picture. As Souls with emotions and a body, we connect to our “Home” for love and support. It matters not what that looks like individually. With this process engaged and affirmed as a truth, we feel more hopeful, loving and healthy. I am grateful to my teachers on the Other side for the life I enjoy now. There is much to learn and feel gratitude for. Evidence is abundant when I stop to notice. This is what I would share.


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