From Blockage to Gift

Welcome to my March article in Luminous Wisdom Sophia published by Sibell Publications USA

By Alexandra Browne-Hill

It has become noticeable to me over time that both health practitioners and clients refer to ill health and discomforts as “blockages”whether physical, emotional or spiritual. I can’t help but feel this wording implies negativity as if blockages are the Black Plague. A blockage appears as something to be removed and destroyed by a healer before any moment of contentment or happiness could possibly ever appear on the horizon. We try to label this thing that sits within us and makes us weep. We reference it as a negative energy to be cleared away and our self-talk is harsh. The word blockage stands like a non-shiftable wall before us. Perhaps it is a sign of the times that we label our pains and hand the responsibility of healing to another.

Yet our Pain is a sign that we are undergoing a process of inner development. It is the rawness of change and an opportunity to step into the gateway of Higher Learning.  What if we were to reformat the name of this wondrous event which guides us ever upward, ever forward into the endless cosmic growth of God Consciousness or put simply, into compassion? If I name my “blockage” as a challenging experience and then hold it with love, with intention to reword it as a profound loving moment then it doesn’t require removing but rather, it can be transformed. Words hold energy as do memories. We can visualise the memory of the hurt and wrap our arms around it, honouring the experience and still knowing that we will always remember it. Do we want to forget it when it was the defining moment in our world that led us by the hand into the next piece of the compassion puzzle?

My heart will always feel a little broken for a child lost and many times I have been advised to move that grief layer which blocks me. Yet it does not block me. It assists to define me. If God Himself wandered towards me and offered my son in exchange for the lessons I have learnt in his absence then with a thousand tears, I would have to decline. Our experiences, however challenging require deep love and acceptance. Honour the process. Honour the progress. Accept the Pathway of growth. We can choose to embrace our next learning however long that takes.

This of course, takes a moment. It takes focus and connection with ones Higher Wisdom. I find it time worth spending. Transmute the thoughts of angst and locate the gifts within your experience. Your “blockage” is really your parcel of wisdom rolled into a gold nugget of understanding and offered to your Higher Self to be hugged. Congratulate yourself and know that another Universal test has been conquered. Do we really have blockages? Or are we purely finding our pathway of growth and sometimes it takes a little longer? Be gentle and give yourself a chance. Sometimes Life is complicated and you deserve the best.

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