Travelling the Precarious Authentic Path

Travelling the Precarious Authentic Path

By Alexandra Browne-Hill RN,RM, Healer, Writer, Author, Public Speaker

The catch cry these days is to be authentic and I love this. Indeed I agree and encourage this. Let’s be ourselves and own it! However I have to say it. Being authentically myself comes with some jeopardy. This is because sometimes things just happen to me.

Only two weeks ago I visited family in Indonesia and sat in a nice café. I wore my best behaviour and an attractive top. There I was, marvelling at the huge menu of gastronomic food delights. Without warning, a mighty flash appeared and my menu went up in flames. Literally. With a rising panic, my composure swept away as I beat out the flames with my glass and water sloshed from the jug.  I had been leaning over the candle with my menu. It had been my aim to show my son and daughter-in-law how mature I had become in their absence. With mortification I peeked at them to find calm faces in no surprise. Like I said, things just happen to me.

I persevere because I have some things to tell the world. Like you, I have a destiny and a direction. Don’t be put off by my stories because I want you to feel encouraged to get out there and make magic.

I mean, this was not my first fire. My other fires were at my wedding when someone lit the table centres I had handmade with love that were simply not created for a lit match.  Earlier and working at a Psychiatric centre, a patient lit a fire with a toilet roll while in the bathroom. It was unfortunate that I was left in charge at that time as a junior nurse. I thought they said he was catatonic anyway! Yet I keep going, so that I might share my learnings. We all have important work to do.

Yup, life has a funny way of sending us fun adventures. I have been known to use an aeroplane bathroom and mid sit, decide to use a loo protector which had me bending with exposed derrière when the door suddenly snapped open. I swung around horrified to see a very handsome man next in line grinning at me. He waited until I came out so he could grin again, darn him. Cheeks flaming, I pulled back my shoulders, pushed past him and owned my power. All of it!  However we must keep going. Things to share and all that

So don’t be worried if you have a dream to be a dancer but your feet get tangled. Dance anyway. If you want to be a truck driver but have crossed eyes….er, well maybe that’s a bit different but essentially, Be Free and do what you love. Be courageous and take a chance. I have many moments of aghast, embarrassed red cheeks but I wave the flag of Authentic Me!  If I can do it, so can you. Be bold and do your authentic thing. Stuff happens but let’s soldier on together anyway.

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