Conversation With Little Miss Lola

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Baby Lola came to play with me while her parents went to work. At 5 months old, Lola’s eyes broadcast a wisdom beyond her age and it is difficult to miss my grand-daughters zest for life. Life is crazy busy and I admit to being an over achiever. On the other hand Lola is a good natured busy body, thriving on discovery and studying all events deeply. Her looks piercingly size up everyone.

My plans of putting her into bed during the day while I went into achievement mode were scuttled right from the beginning. Lola had no time for sleep.  With a screech of brain brakes, I was forced into a new thought paradigm. Focusing on the future and over-shifting the mind into perpetual manifestation creates a challenge of its own. One forgets to connect to the present.  Although both Lola and I are go-getters, my focus is always planning for tomorrow. Hers is about happenings in her present world, in all its fullness right now.

Children have a way of pointing out the delights of learning something new, or observing something previously un-noticed. As Lola lay on her blanket outside and under our backyard tree, I watched her sweet face relax into a tiny smile while she soaked in the sights of the leaf movements and the antics of the birds. I began to follow her example. She looked up at me and beamed with eyes that contained many questions, completely mesmerised from second to second. My thoughts drifted to my own children and the race for living that I had dragged them through, fun and not. I do not recall having enough of these times with my own. I had thought that I had become more present following the death of one of my teenage children, regretting my failure to be totally with him more. I can see that even still, I miss the mark.

My rounds of practice in mindfulness and being present are guided by Lola today. There is something special and restful in suspending thoughts and activity to simply be with her. It is freeing and energising, joyful and peaceful. I know myself to be forward looking, moving like a firecracker lit and thrown up high, exploding into creative arrangement at high speed. Yet this is rarely in cohesion with my present and never results in a sense of peace.

Lola sums me up and patiently waits for me to continue naming the enthralling experiences she finds in front of her in her NOW moments. Her tiny presence recalls me to the exact second of present time which has no past and no future. I cannot regret the past nor be constantly in the future while I learn how to sit quietly, happily in this second where I find my peace. Lola reaches out and takes my finger, squeezing it as she grins her shining smile into my eyes.

There is now and it is perfect.


The Modern Aladdin

My many blessings of an Australian life in 2017 included a ticket to see the magical stage show of Aladdin, gifted by my daughter Bridget. I was SO excited! My eldest son had been Aladdin in his early school performance which added to my love of Disney creations. What a great gift… and I was not disappointed!! The colour, the musical composition, the backdrops and arrangements, the talented performers….oh it was all breathtaking and without a single doubt a fine, wonderful memory. All with the joy of watching alongside my daughter on a mother/daughter date. Perfection.
We left the venue uplifted and chatty about the characters. The buzz continued around us as the patrons shared their favourite aspects of the production.

You do remember the story of Aladdin, don’t you?
This is the story about the magic of a street child overcoming all obstacles and dancing his way to fame and fortune with a cheeky smile, a set of speedy legs and sensational quick wit and cunning! There was even a lovely message about loyalty tucked in there. The theme reminded us about honesty too and supporting each other!!
The crowd alongside us ooh-ed and ahh-ed as we wished good things for the young and unfortunate Aladdin. How fabulous that he was given the opportunity to overcome so much to become abundant AND in love!
The dream came true and we left the stage with a sigh of happiness. We carried ourselves down the street with stars in our eyes…

Aladdin 2

until I tripped over a young man huddled in a blanket and tightly hugging the wall of the shop next door for warmth on that cold and damp night at 10:00 pm.

I stopped, shocked, in the street causing someone from the show to bump into the back of me which I ignored while I looked at this youth – a young Aladdin- in his misery. Bridget turned her head to see what had held me up and we both stepped back out of the way in unison. We looked at each other and wordless, began to watch for a while.

We noted two things. Firstly, as we looked around the vast city street, we began to make out a few more mound shapes hidden in doorways with bodies very much alone curled up hidden in their hooded jumpers. We were looking at many homeless settling into their spaces for the night and bracing for another round of cold and hunger.
Secondly, as we watched, we noted that nobody else saw them.

This huge crowd of people had just seen a fabulous stage production costing several hundred dollars about a homeless street kid who needed help. They had cheered at his success! …Then they  swept passed the modern day Aladdin without even seeing him.

We were stunned and ashamed.

Homeless 1.jpg

A snap decision was made and all we could think of. We turned back down the street and entered the Seven 11 store. We made up packs of salad sandwiches, banana bread and nut bars with a pile of hot coffees. We began to distribute them.

By now the crowd had dispersed and gone on their way to homes warm and fridges full. Just as we would shortly.  But for the moment, we chatted with those on the street and gave small packs of nourishment. Stories were shared with us freely and manners noticeable as each person accepted their pack with grace and gratitude. These were young people simply trying to survive. Some of them more experienced, more hardened and more philosophical than others but all of them learning things about life that perhaps Bridget and I  could never understand.  Pain and suffering lay at the core of their lives. Yet they were gentle and grateful for the tiny gifts we offered.

These people are normal members of society down on their luck and doing the best they know how. Our community can surely make room to welcome them in…

So how is it that people really do care about the misfortunes of others yet not quite identify need directly in front of them? When did romanticism of a beautiful cartoon character begin to supersede effective support of others less fortunate? How can society stop judging others as worthy of acknowledgement or not?

By now, Bridget and I had acquired a warm talkative and homeless guide who wandered around beside us as we spoke of many things.  Our new friend assisted us to give hot drinks to others in his own predicament. We passed a bundle scrunched into the wall and stopped to investigate. I was deeply touched by a young man with head down and ignoring all noise, a thin blanket around his shoulders. As I leaned over him and offered him his coffee and Bridget handed over food, this lad lifted his head and looked right at me with the saddest eyes I have ever seen. As a registered nurse of 39 years, I have seen a few sets of miserable eyes. This youth took the award that night. As he reached up for his coffee, I heard a soft whisper of “thank you so much”.   With my answer of “You are very welcome, sweetheart”, I watched as his eyes filled with tears.

I carry this dear boy in my heart weeks later. For the other reality is that Bridget and I were two women in glam dresses and high heel shoes in the rain and it was getting late.

It was time to go and our tiny offerings were spent.


For Bridget and I, Aladdin Night gave us huge pause to think about the value of all human beings (all sentient beings actually) and how in their very lowest state, all pretense and illusion disappears. The important things emerge. A small act of kindness becomes a lifeline.

There are many things we can do to help out. Simply letting someone know you care is important to someone who feels worthless and unwanted.  These guys were cold and hungry. A warm drink and a pair of socks means so much.                                                 
There are several groups of support that seek volunteers and funding if you feel like giving service. Information is available to you. Google!

Perhaps a small warm gesture of recognition with no judgement gives an emotional hug to a needy recipient, something we are all worthy of. We all need to feel that we have value. Positive acknowledgement of ones existence provides a sense of this.

A society  with open-mindedness and awareness of what suffering lies around us helps to simply send genuine loving thoughts and words to those whose lives are so very unstable right now. It could be any one of us.                                                                            Our city Aladdins’ are not going to find a genie or a flying rug without help at both a government level and a personal level where community cares!

Next time you head out for a fun evening, keep your heart awareness available for the less fortunate and maybe you can offer prayer, a kind word or a hot chocolate. You may save a life.

I learnt lots that night.  I am now busy thinking and researching about how I might help more in practical ways with the right support.  I am so grateful for humble personalities we met. May God and society bless them abundantly ..and as soon as possible .


I and WE -Fifth Dimension Awareness

The 4th dimension vibration of life we are learning to leave behind has been about lifting our frequency to a Higher level in efforts to understand a beautiful Loving Power which is greater than ourselves whatever you might call it.

We are all connected to each other within this universal unit – in fact all made of the same energy and all striving to learn more about ourselves while providing cohesive loving service for others.

The 5th Dimension Energy teaches us about community and unity – Unifying ourselves as souls with bodies and unifying ourselves into a beautiful collective of positive Universal flow.

I and We. It is necessary to have balance of both to live successfully and lovingly. It is important to remember ourselves with self-care and be led by our own experiences. We are required to find balance within ourselves in health, attitude, boundaries and giving service to others. Yet simultaneously we benefit from being very aware of others, their similar situation of being on their own journey and finally having awareness that we are but a part of  a great Cosmos. When looked at from this angle, all those little niggles of life appear and actually are, insignificant. It is then that we become more able to compassionately detach from the unnecessary burdens of living on earth.

Instead we can focus on the great beauty, opportunity, and positive outcomes of our journey here. This  opens the door to a conscious ability to expand our love outwards  beyond single others onto a Universal all-encompassing Love.

With that in mind, below is an exercise that will return us to “I” for a time so we can see how self-absorbed we can so easily become. That is because the energy of Mother Earth was stuck in this plane and so that is what we learned to do.

To separate the “I” from the collective, try spending 24 hours without using the words “I, me, mine, myself, I am”.                                                                                                                          Lets start right now! Try a few sentences.

NOW…lets review what you discovered.

How did you get on?

Did you find you were unwittingly all about you?

We are all expanding our consciousness and developing within the new 5th dimension frequency which is about UNITY. We are all in this life together at the time and in this place.

This unity which is new to us not only includes each other as humans accepting each other’s uniqueness, but  is also totally inclusive of a Greater Existence and the understanding that we live and love within a Universal Unity.

We are led by a loving Power so we need to know with practice how to “do” or more precisely “be” souls of unity for us to progress out of the heavy earth stuck mentality we currently reside in.

We seek to rise above it with self-awareness of others including all creatures,  earth,  sky and then finally ourselves.

From here then, we begin to take better care of ourselves. Our aim is to become our best unique selves  and still be aware of our community.

Here is an exercise of Community Awareness at a deep level.                                                     Take a piece of paper and write these three questions upon it.

  1. What has someone done for you today?
  2. What have you done for someone else today?
  3. What problems did you make for someone today?


Take some time to answer these questions and really think about the detail of this.   Deeply consider  about how our actions impact on another. Do not get invested in emotion at all but look at the facts.

We begin to see that effort and awareness is required to provide our lives with interaction and support.

Now imagine your coffee in a cup in front of you. Begin to trace the steps it would take for this coffee to arrive in your hand.

Take your time here.

How many steps did your get?

Did you think of how many people it took to grow the coffee, roast it, pack it, transport it, buy it, use it, pour it..then there is the sugar, the milk which starts with cow and needs milking, farming, packing, shelving etc.   How does a cup get made, and a spoon and a coffee machine and then be put together in a café of how many people….

Many??? Now we begin to see how very connected we are as a community and how much we rely on each other for our most basic requirements.

When we understand this then we begin to feel gratitude to the multitudes for the part played in your life.                                                                                                                                            It begins to become apparent that we cannot manage without each other and the word Unity takes on an important and treasured angle.

We begin to feel such awe at the magnitude of how important each journey is and we remove our narrow perspective of self-importance and replace it with open, real, giving and receiving with an awareness of each soul being important to the hive.

With this then, we can now stand back and rebalance to that space where self-love and self-care is important so that we can enjoy our lives whilst simultaneously learning about ourselves and contributing to service of others. Even more importantly we begin to see that we do not benefit from judging others or becoming invested in others journeys because we all want the same things: Love, acceptance, kindness and peace.

Try these few steps and perhaps you might like to journal your discovery.

Maybe this could be useful to widening our thought process allowing gratitude that we can have unity and community. We are all in life together.

We can choose to create community with supportive others and step away from those that cannot yet align themselves to the  greater idea of peace without judgement and expectation.

Let’s start by simply working on being better “me”.


This crazy ole year of the Monkey!!

How are you holding up this year with all the change and disruption happening to you and around us all? A challenging year for you? Are you thinking that the world has gone crazy? The good news is that we are all experiencing all sorts of issues. The bad news is that we are still madly trying to cope and move forwards!

Well it IS the Year of the Fire Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac after all.       Just think about that for a moment. Even the words fire and monkey evoke crazy images!!! Add to that the knowledge that 2016 is in a year 9 of the numerology cycle which simply means that the current cycle of 9 years is completing and before we move into a new cycle we must wind up old business. You know,… move on from that stale relationship, exchange chocolate for quinoa, try out your karma for smacking your kid sister over the head with your shoe, move on from that boring job and other kinds of get-on-with-it, challenge yourself type things….All in the name of becoming a better you!

Life is generally a seasonal and cyclical thing with generations of patterns while slowly, slowly mankind has evolved to current status. Sadly our evolution has been a bit stunted leaving all manner of damage in it’s wake and a heavy earth energy. So then it is no surprise that there has been intervention by the Universe to ensure change. Long story short, we are all here in the beginning of a brand new unprecedented cycle never experienced before. It is a time of change and opportunity in which to correct past mistakes. The details of this history lesson is available if you feel like asking by the way!!

So why are we here??

We are here to assist with the process of evolving into more advanced, compassionate and loving beings with more consideration for all other beings including the plant, mineral and animal kingdom. What a dynamite and fascinating opportunity for us all to leap in and assist so we can go home at the end of our lives waving a T-Shirt that reads “ I was on earth at that time in history when it became better than ever!!!”

And that change begins how? Well, with ourselves. We can love ourselves more by forgiving ourselves, connecting to our intuition with focus and REALLY listening to what our authentic self needs. When we treat ourselves gently with wisdom and kindness, figuring out that we can flow with life a whole lot easier by looking for the wonder in every day, then we can begin to offer care to others with genuine and balanced support.

Mother Earth, mankind, animals and all physical beings on earth are undergoing vibrational change supported by Universal love as we reach for a better way to live together in respect. Our actual energetic make up is changing at a DNA level and this is affecting our bodies and emotions as we leave behind old feelings, illness and unwanted situations that no longer serve us. It is a painful transition but a worthy one.

Many of us have been ill, fatigued, overwhelmed this year with a culmination of unwelcome issues. There has been a whole gammit of symptom’s that medical testing cannot explain including insomnia, dizziness, ears ringing, headaches, palpitations, muscle aches, joint pain and hot flushes to name a few. We have been bombarded with the changing energy vibration of a changing world. This is a good thing since this energy is positive and working busily at nudging us towards self awareness and taking better care of ourselves. The last few months we have been invited to stop and rest, healing all those areas that needed internal hugs. We need to be quietly introspective at these times and allow time to rest from a busy difficult world.

I want to tell you that everything is okay. You are not going crazy. It is okay to pull back and stop to reflect. It is good to ask for help.

We are moving forward to unity of communities where we welcome the differences of each other and where we learn to communicate with wisdom and compassion. You see the evidence everywhere as groups begin to rescue, support, instigate change and feel injustice at deeper levels. This is our destiny.

BUT to change things, we have to allow room for current systems to be replaced with better ways which each one of us will have a hand in with positive and patient attitudes, thoughts and actions. Corporate business, medical and education systems are renegotiating while people all over the world are focusing on more kindness. The hard part is that it takes time and people are divided into those that care and those that don’t. However, everyone will get the opportunity to choose caring with the free will that we are blessed with.

The energies that are assisting us to evolve are also challenging to our bodies and that means everyone feels stressed, in pain, frazzled and fatigued.

This begins to wane somewhat as we move into our communities and gather personal support. Plus we could all benefit from understanding what is happening to us.

The last few months for me personally have been very challenging with health issues (thanks for help with my rehab lovely friends!), car accidents, travel things, a double flood of our house which will take months to restore back to normal and so much more. I am learning hard and fast to welcome in each day with a search for the hidden gift amongst the frustration. I started off with a view to be like “a blade of grass in the wind” but had to modify it to be “like bamboo in a hurricane”!!!! The process is the same however – step back and let it flow around you.

When a challenge arrives, STOP. Take a minute. Breathe. Now reprioritise with calmness. Whether an emergency or not, some things just don’t matter. Think through the difference and remerge with a more centred approach. Know when to find help. Know when to pack it in for the moment. Know when to let it go.

Everything we are undergoing at present is ok. We are adjusting to the new frequencies and our bodies are changing as we evolve. Allow yourself to just be. We will gradually grow past these things. Rest lots. Drink plenty of water and eat light nutritious meals.

Smile. Find something to laugh about. There is so much that is positive and wonderful to be aware of in every day. With your shoulders around your ears and your gut in a knot, you might miss them!!! It is everyone’s right to have laughter, enjoyment and rest so reprioritise and follow your heart, trust that the Universe has your back. You are doing ok. Grab a friend and laugh.

You’ve got this.


The Flannel Flower Fight for Life

Flannel Flowers Manly oct Recently I shared lunch with a very special friend of mine and he asked me for updates of the business I am creating and news of my life. As I talked, I noted how intensely he was listening, nodding every so often and never taking his eyes from my face. Then he startled me with a question. ” Do you remember where you were when I met you?”  I hesitated a moment before answering him. ” I was a bit of a disaster, wasn’t I!!”.    Since Colin was at that time my Grief and Bereavement Counsellor following the loss of my teenage son, it was not hard to respond to his question. But Colin wasn’t done with me yet. In fact, very carefully and succinctly he spelled it out. “ALEX, YOU HAD GIVEN UP”!!!!    And there it was.   I could not deny it.   I had indeed given up any aspirations of making it through this life time! I began to reflect on Colin’s words for days and also his further comments about how far I have come and what accomplishments have transpired since that time. This moment of realisation that I had actually survived a time of deepest and darkest despair and then turned it around completely began  an entire new direction in my thinking. So how did I actually do that? What subconscious lead did I have into survival mode??

I have repeatedly heard from amongst family, friends and clients that they “no longer want to be here“.  My heart aches every time that sentence comes my way. Some of my loved ones follow through on this sad thought leaving me shattered and rebuilding yet again.  I know the Darkness well. It sits next to me and peers at me in my weaker moments. Yet it is not my enemy. I am my enemy.  I have the ability to hold the hand of Darkness or not. I must choose. I can easily become my own enemy of darkness. Or I can choose to fight back and live a life in the Light. By Light I mean build hope, faith and a positive belief in something that creates meaning to my journey.   My own darkness involved my inability to mother all of my children the way I wanted to since dimensions divided them. It mattered not what side of life or death my kids were, I couldn’t be on both sides to parent them all and it left me rendered quite inadequate, worthless and guilt filled.  So where to from this place of hopelessness?

The answer arrived in a simple thought. – I will not allow my son to leave this earth without meaning to his life  -. My saving Grace was in developing a point of reference or a belief system that was greater than myself. To create or  resurrect  a set of values that provides hope when life has challenged you into the ground and despair is all you know, is the basis of having a point of reference as I call it.  To survive I had to believe in something. So I chose to believe that there was a purpose to handing over my son to the Creator of life before his 18th birthday! And with decision made, I gradually returned to life. I learnt how to fight back against life’s adversities. Even more important, I discovered that my son was around me and sending encouragement with love. So I followed the prompts and learnt what the “fight” really is.

On a walk with a best friend not long ago, I found a native Flannel Flower which is an uncommon find and not easy to grow. This flower struggles into life through hard, dry soil, around rocks, and through weeds that are hardy and survival trained. To those of you who would give up and talk yourselves into going “home”, perhaps you might choose to follow the inspiration of the Flannel Flower and fight back. Yes, FIGHT!!! That’s what I said!   Fight against injustice with self-love, fight against life challenge with courage and faith in something bigger than you. Take your simple thought and develop it into a reason for creating something important. My simple thought has taken me to healing, wisdom, gratitude and giving to others. It has been a hard but worthwhile journey. Additionally, I have discovered the peace of gratitude. Every life challenge brings a gift with it. Dig deep and seek the gifts within each and every moment. They are there and sometimes we need to fight to find them. The battle will be a worthy one as we each grow and begin to understand the bigger picture. Our trauma’s are both our greatest fights but also our greatest gifts. I feel my son smiling at me at each wondrous and damn hard earned discovery and I find myself smiling in return!

And to Colin for his wisdom and encouragement? A giant smile. You are the best!

FullSizeRender The sun shines brightly on the green leaves of my beloved Cape Gooseberry bush, given me by my little sister Mandy a horticulturist, from upon her deathbed. As I pluck sticky sweet berries and throw them into my bucket, my thoughts trickle to my memories of her and the gifts she left behind. Her two gorgeous sons for instance. And some beautiful plants. I will IMG_4383make  lovely pots of golden fresh Gooseberry jam from my efforts today. I glance at my feet and with a twist of pain I remember the shoes that are swimming on my feet were once  leapt into in a hurry by my second son as he dashed off  to visit a friend or race down to the service station….probably to sneak a packet of smokes and  jamb them into his hip pocket.!  These casual loafers are shoes that are oversized upon my feet and I have grabbed them from the shoe rack in order to keep my shoes clean while I garden.  Why do I still have them? They have sat at the back door for eight years which is when their owner left this world. I have many times collected them ready to drop them into a nearby bin and see them disappear into the council garbage truck.   Yet each time I hesitate as if expecting my handsome son to pop his head around the door to the kitchen and grin at me as he questions my desire to run off with his shoes. Sadly this does not happen.

What if these shoes were to begin a routine of Irish dancing all on their own and delight me with a rendition of RiverDance?   Would I feel better?  If these shoes followed me around the garden, padding across the lawn by themselves leading me to surmise that my unseen son were swatting fly’s while gardening with me, then would I feel closer to my son than the connection I have developed already which allows me to know when he pops past to say hello??  Since I have not experienced any of these rather exciting events and  I doubt that Riverdance would remove my heartachy moments then I have to ask why am I hanging on to these jolly shoes????

I have already had my son’s left behind clothes made into a truly spectacular quilt with the help of a master quilter who insisted on all clothes being cut into 8cm squares. I visualise my boy’s disgusted look complete with rolling eyes at the fact that at least two pairs of boxers have been neatly arranged into this quilt. His school books have long gone to Mission Australia for reuse.   Newspaper cuttings and photos have since found a sacred space in our home.

So what is it about a pair of shoes that makes separation so tricky? I continue to muse on my need to have my son’s shoes at the back door where spiders make their home and cat hair floats down attaching to the toes. When is it the right time to remove the belongings of a loved one? Is it today? Is it significant that I carry a bucket of my sister’s berries while wearing my son’s shoes? With a sigh I know it is not. I will think of them both without a bucket and shoes.

It is not rocket science. There is no rule. For years mothers have gold dipped baby shoes and hung paintings by loved ones or placed photos on pianos. Shoes indicate that someone important, loved and worthy once lived in this house. They are a sign that declares Love Lives in This House – Welcome.

I replace the shoes yet again upon the rack when I finish my garden chores and smile my thanks for the use of them to my unseen and beloved teenaged child, now a man somewhere in Heaven. I guess it still isn’t time.

Im okay with that.


The Shoe Ordeal

The Value of Father’s

Today, as I sat in a café sipping a latte, I watched four young fathers wander past the front door. Each of them held a little colourful kinder bag in one hand and the tiny hand of a small child in the other as they made their way further down the path towards the swim centre. There was not a mother in sight.

I thought how beautiful this scene was and how delightful to witness the connection between father and child. Each of these children were skipping or hopping and every so often would look up at their male parent with laughter or additions to their chirpy stories.
Some of these young Dad’s would nod to another as they passed by, acknowledging the brotherhood of fathers.

I am old enough to remember a time when mothers’ worked the inside chores, staying home to do so while father’s worked away from home and took care of the outside chore’s. Many men of my father’s generation were uncomfortable with children and conversing with them. I remember well the adage of children meant to be seen but not heard.

Many years ago, in tribal situations in particular, men valued their families and cherished their role in teaching the skills of becoming fine people through hunting, survival skills and honour. Depending upon the era and the culture, many families shared the burdens of survival and family development. Somewhere along the line in western society, the evolution of dividing roles came to the fore separating children from fathers whom by necessity chased career success for survival and becoming disconnected from family. They were removed from the birth process and events thereafter, leaving them separate from their babies.

Over the years I have heard many, many women lament about their men folk not assisting within the home.
Ladies, you wanted your men folk to have active roles in rearing your children and assisting with running your homes. It is happening. I see much evidence of gentle fathers and supportive husbands taking the children for awhile or collecting the shopping with children in tow. Some of them may be single parents while others are taking their turns in the home. Either way, they are taking their roles seriously and with obvious enjoyment.

Let us celebrate our men, none of them perfect but most of them trying to be. Let us not judge them nor assume the man in the playground watching his own children are a threat to yours. We want to encourage our men to keep on the job not scare them off for fear of narrow minded judgement.
All people flourish with encouragement and this is what we as mothers can offer.

We can also teach our son’s to be “that man”. You know,.. that man who cherishes the daughter of another and loves her no matter what.

Children flourish with love, connection and guidance from both parents. My daughter will tell you that her best “dance mum” is her father. He is the one that put her hair in a bun and painted her eye makeup the best. He was the most patient on the taxi run and he was one that stopped at McDonalds for that extra drink. She adores him. He adores her. They both blossom with this knowledge.

We can remember  that it is not only the nurturing influence of Mum’s but often the strength and steadiness of such men that will guide their children through the difficult path of living.
We wanted sensitive, loving males in our husbands, partners, brothers, fathers, grandfathers and uncles. They are there, ready and eager. Let us all nourish these males and welcome them.