Travelling the Precarious Authentic Path

Travelling the Precarious Authentic Path

By Alexandra Browne-Hill RN,RM, Healer, Writer, Author, Public Speaker

The catch cry these days is to be authentic and I love this. Indeed I agree and encourage this. Let’s be ourselves and own it! However I have to say it. Being authentically myself comes with some jeopardy. This is because sometimes things just happen to me.

Only two weeks ago I visited family in Indonesia and sat in a nice café. I wore my best behaviour and an attractive top. There I was, marvelling at the huge menu of gastronomic food delights. Without warning, a mighty flash appeared and my menu went up in flames. Literally. With a rising panic, my composure swept away as I beat out the flames with my glass and water sloshed from the jug.  I had been leaning over the candle with my menu. It had been my aim to show my son and daughter-in-law how mature I had become in their absence. With mortification I peeked at them to find calm faces in no surprise. Like I said, things just happen to me.

I persevere because I have some things to tell the world. Like you, I have a destiny and a direction. Don’t be put off by my stories because I want you to feel encouraged to get out there and make magic.

I mean, this was not my first fire. My other fires were at my wedding when someone lit the table centres I had handmade with love that were simply not created for a lit match.  Earlier and working at a Psychiatric centre, a patient lit a fire with a toilet roll while in the bathroom. It was unfortunate that I was left in charge at that time as a junior nurse. I thought they said he was catatonic anyway! Yet I keep going, so that I might share my learnings. We all have important work to do.

Yup, life has a funny way of sending us fun adventures. I have been known to use an aeroplane bathroom and mid sit, decide to use a loo protector which had me bending with exposed derrière when the door suddenly snapped open. I swung around horrified to see a very handsome man next in line grinning at me. He waited until I came out so he could grin again, darn him. Cheeks flaming, I pulled back my shoulders, pushed past him and owned my power. All of it!  However we must keep going. Things to share and all that

So don’t be worried if you have a dream to be a dancer but your feet get tangled. Dance anyway. If you want to be a truck driver but have crossed eyes….er, well maybe that’s a bit different but essentially, Be Free and do what you love. Be courageous and take a chance. I have many moments of aghast, embarrassed red cheeks but I wave the flag of Authentic Me!  If I can do it, so can you. Be bold and do your authentic thing. Stuff happens but let’s soldier on together anyway.

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Dance at the Bus Stop

Please enjoy my article in the April Edition of Luminous Wisdom Sophia published by Sibella Publications, North Carolina.

Awareness and Reflection is Power

Dance at the Bus Stop

By Alexandra Browne-Hill

Recently I was driving through the suburbs, nudging my car up and over a rise at 10am. What opened before me was a beautiful message of heart-felt importance. Forever etched on my mind as I slowed and observed, was a powerful image in the form of an elderly couple standing at an open air bus stop, seemingly waiting for a bus. The weather was cool and an autumn wind swished around their feet. The small statured man, white haired and slightly stooped with age was dressed immaculately in a tuxedo with black bow tie and cream aviator scarf around his neck.

As I approached, I watched him reach out his hand to a woman with snowy white hair cut into a tidy bob. Her full, mature body was elegant in a full-length red velvet gown, a black shawl draped with sophistication around her shoulders. Her feet showed a hint of mid height black sandals. She threw back her head and laughed as she took the gentleman’s hand. He pulled her towards him into a firm embrace right there on the sidewalk beneath the bus stop sign and began to guide his entranced partner into a waltz. They had only eyes for each other. There was no other being on their planet right then. He gently swung his lady and they danced with well-practiced, graceful steps with music obviously in tune within their heads. Light footed and serene they waltzed across the path. Timing was perfect and connection strong. There was no bus stop for these two.

Now one might wonder where they might find a Ball at 10am! Or one might not! The loving gestures were unmistakable with their happiness too huge to be contained. I was fortunate to see a glimpse of two loving people with much wisdom to teach. My drive continued on as did my contemplations. Had there been wealth, surely a bus was not required. Their clothes although glamorous were not of modern design. There was a sense of complete freedom of this couple as they simply followed their hearts with neither concern at being seen nor in what light they were seen.

Many of us are anxious about being seen as we are and whether we will be accepted. We worry about what society might think.

This inspirational couple expressed a clear message to me. Be authentic to yourself. Dance and sing like there is no tomorrow because maybe, just maybe there isn’t. So express love anywhere and everywhere. Throw your head back and laugh. Look your loved ones in the eyes and simply love them for who they are. Wear whatever you like. You are never too old to enjoy life. Give everything a go. Being happy doesn’t need heaps of money.  Be delighted and play. So much wisdom to take away from this gorgeous couple. Allow your creative and authentic sides to come out and dance. The Universe is blessing us with the right to be who we are and to show ourselves. Let’s enjoy it.

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From Blockage to Gift

Welcome to my March article in Luminous Wisdom Sophia published by Sibell Publications USA

By Alexandra Browne-Hill

It has become noticeable to me over time that both health practitioners and clients refer to ill health and discomforts as “blockages”whether physical, emotional or spiritual. I can’t help but feel this wording implies negativity as if blockages are the Black Plague. A blockage appears as something to be removed and destroyed by a healer before any moment of contentment or happiness could possibly ever appear on the horizon. We try to label this thing that sits within us and makes us weep. We reference it as a negative energy to be cleared away and our self-talk is harsh. The word blockage stands like a non-shiftable wall before us. Perhaps it is a sign of the times that we label our pains and hand the responsibility of healing to another.

Yet our Pain is a sign that we are undergoing a process of inner development. It is the rawness of change and an opportunity to step into the gateway of Higher Learning.  What if we were to reformat the name of this wondrous event which guides us ever upward, ever forward into the endless cosmic growth of God Consciousness or put simply, into compassion? If I name my “blockage” as a challenging experience and then hold it with love, with intention to reword it as a profound loving moment then it doesn’t require removing but rather, it can be transformed. Words hold energy as do memories. We can visualise the memory of the hurt and wrap our arms around it, honouring the experience and still knowing that we will always remember it. Do we want to forget it when it was the defining moment in our world that led us by the hand into the next piece of the compassion puzzle?

My heart will always feel a little broken for a child lost and many times I have been advised to move that grief layer which blocks me. Yet it does not block me. It assists to define me. If God Himself wandered towards me and offered my son in exchange for the lessons I have learnt in his absence then with a thousand tears, I would have to decline. Our experiences, however challenging require deep love and acceptance. Honour the process. Honour the progress. Accept the Pathway of growth. We can choose to embrace our next learning however long that takes.

This of course, takes a moment. It takes focus and connection with ones Higher Wisdom. I find it time worth spending. Transmute the thoughts of angst and locate the gifts within your experience. Your “blockage” is really your parcel of wisdom rolled into a gold nugget of understanding and offered to your Higher Self to be hugged. Congratulate yourself and know that another Universal test has been conquered. Do we really have blockages? Or are we purely finding our pathway of growth and sometimes it takes a little longer? Be gentle and give yourself a chance. Sometimes Life is complicated and you deserve the best.

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8 Steps to Calm Parenting


By Alexandra Browne-Hill

Never before has parenting and adulting been so complicated! Society continues to have expectations that twist into “should” or “must have”.  With the ever present competitiveness within our communities, it seems that parents are pressured to adhere to so many limiting rules and beliefs that create unnecessary stress.

Although hearing positive stories can be helpful, many opinions and experiences can make little allowance for differences of parenting methods which actually sit within a normal range of dissimilarity. By using our gut intuition we can more accurately decide what is useful for ourselves and our families rather than being told what to do.                                                                                                                                           

Instant gratification has also become a norm for many adults and children, and as a result our children developing expectations of how to survive life unrealistically.  They are in danger of arriving at adulthood underprepared for real life scenarios. We can help our children to prepare by adding to their innate wisdom with realistic discussion on a few basic guidelines:

1. Nobody has all the answers                                                                                 

We do not have the answers for everything. All of life’s stages are new experiences. Life is a time of discovery and adventure. We do not need to follow the herd or feel obligated to do the same as everyone else for fear of not being “normal”. Allow yourself to find out things without pressure.

2. Everybody is a student                                                        

Expecting perfection and knowing all the answers results in a feeling of inadequacy with increasingly reduced confidence by discovering appropriate preparation has not been achieved for life’s challenges. This is uncomfortable and avoidable. Wanting to be a student and discovering how learning occurs is key to everyone’s success. Accept that life is based on being a learner at all levels of living and enjoy the process. Appreciate our journey of learning with patience, enjoyment and reality.  There is no shame in saying “I don’t know but I would like to find out”.

3. Forget the trends

To be a young parent today with expectations of the flawless family, a settled child and a drone like perfection creates terrible pressure. Supplying expensive equipment from the best stores and following routines dictated by people who do not know your personal circumstances is exhausting!! We are not meant to be clones of one another. So why would we put upon ourselves and each other, the notion that we must measure up to a list of expectations from others at new mothers group, kinder, the school gate and beyond. Being without can also teach valuable lessons.

Every adult is unique and every child an individual. What works with one may not work with another. You have most of the answers intuitively. Even if given professional assistance, it is still good to note whether outcomes feels peaceful in your gut.

4. Children love to learn

Our children live in a world where problem solving and intuitive smarts are a pre-requisite for overcoming life challenge. Having goals and aims are paramount to good health but so is developing problem solving skills, intuitive self-care  and understanding that it takes time to learn. We can assist our children to become aware, confident and independent without losing the joy of childhood. Encourage the notion that it is okay not to know things!!  Show them that we as adults do not have all the answers and it is fun to find out answers together. This will create a thinking child and a smart adult

5. Judgement is out. Discernment is in.

Judgement is comparison and feels negative and painful. Discernment is sensing that something else is better suited to the individual.  Get to know the real child and their personality. Our children are unique, beautiful, and perfect as they are. We are aiming to assist them to be the loveliest version of themselves whatever that looks like.  Children benefit from knowing how to accept their own differences and individual make up, and those of others. Each day is a learning curve and gentle suggestion is appropriate in moments of mistakes.

6. Adults can love learning.

Life is based on being a learner at all levels of living. Enjoy the process and begin your journey of learning with patience, enjoyment and reality. Without rush, judgement and expectations, we can remove the stress and pressure from ourselves and our kids.

7. Being Too literal  

 Although having a broad guide for gauging how your child is faring in development such as first steps or exam results is useful, it is not productive when taken too literally. What if we were instead to guide by example how to use manners, respect for self and others and demonstrate problem solving, thereby allowing our children to be students of life and navigate their own way through with healthy boundaries of encouragement?

8. Find the family joys.   

Share the skills of love, respect, sharing, caring, loyalty, honesty and trying to the best of their   ability as a basic focus. Allow children to become their unique selves simply by being intuitive and creative. Having quiet, loving family times and restful moments removes the incessant striving for more and more. These basics don’t require funds, stress or pressure but rather they develop with together time and connection. Things do not have to be complex.  Life is not perfect, tidy and neatly packaged into a list of accomplishments that our children must produce. Be realistic. Be a bit messy. Simplify with back to basics and leave competition out. A new born baby feels loved by the kisses on the cheek not the expensive pusher he is pushed around in. The teenager feels valued by being listened to not by expectations of greatness.

Giving ourselves permission to be a student at all stages of life enables us to be able to learn with accepting ears rather than try to prove that we know something. Learning is a wondrous thing and enables confidence to ask questions and explore.                                                                                                                                                                                    

This makes life exciting and enjoyable. By feeling free not knowing things, we will in fact solidify our problem solving skills and create ability to survive all manner of things.

Alexandra Browne-Hill has been a nurse and midwife for nearly 40 years with additional qualifications in holistic counselling and natural healing therapies. With regular travel internationally, Alex has developed programs based on healthy connections to our body, mind and soul to develop our own wisdom. Using shamanic and indigenous wisdom in a western way combined with years of experience in the medical world, Alex can support you with your life concerns.  Consultations, mentoring, seminars, workshops and international retreats available.

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Finding Purpose in Every Experience

Finding Purpose in Every Experience

By Alexandra Browne-Hill

I love being in my 50’s. Contemplating my life experiences, I clearly see the crossroads, the challenges and opportunities for growth that landed in my path. I like myself more these days with the passing of time and gaining of wisdom. I own my joys with uncomplicated freedom because they stand out from the crowd of normal life complexity. It has been quite a ride! For as long as I can remember, I have wondered about The Meaning of Life! There are times when I see myself as a nutty Brian in a life of misadventure while trying to figure out why we all do what we do. There is an oddness in happily accepting all other oddness. Yet it feels right and loving. I had struggled with the concepts of fitting neatly into society’s boxes.

Later in life, I would be grateful for growing up in a military family of constant change along with guidance from my gentle mother, a teacher, bringing out the best of me in both survival and compassion. As it turned out, I would need both. A decision to become a nurse made at 7 years with a deep knowing, heralded my healer’s career with volunteering in hospitals at 14. This led to old school Nurse training providing me with my own Dragon-Matron and a rock solid sense of duty. Additionally, life traumas surrounded me on every level every day. What a grand platform for learning about life.  My career warmed me and besieged me all at once.

For me there is a reason for everything and study suggests we plan our own life journey with inbuilt crossroads. Those very moments in my Blueprint arrived with a load of loss and trauma for me to taste test. With the deaths of several close family members at once, my scramble began. My moment of greatest adversity arrived with the sudden and additional death of my teenage son. I was catapulted into choosing the way that I was to deal with this trauma.

Amazingly, my son Kieran had informed us at 6 years old that he would not see his adult years. HE KNEW! He asked me specifically not to cry for him when he left. How did he know that? I started my study right there outside of society’s boxes. I began a path of investigating spirituality.

When I struggle to bring things together in my head, I choose to go back to basics. I seek Native American Indian ways because of its simplicity but any indigenous culture will share the basics. Thank Mother Earth for provision and Father Sky for connection. Respect all life forms and seek gratitude. I take each life problem and fit it into this basic form to make my decisions. Sitting within this space opened untapped intuitive skills. I studied hard and learnt to improve my compassion along with my intuitive understanding. I committed to learning about a loving Universe and its secrets, uncovering a peacefulness in myself.

As my connection to a Supportive Universe increased, Kieran guided me. I began to see purpose in every experience. Travelling, studying the cosmos with indigenous cultures and learning shamanism helped me create a healing business.  I facilitate, write and share what Spirit tell me. I am grateful for my life events which directed my lessons. I no longer have expectations of the world.   We are in the process of Cosmic Evolution because we long for compassion. Therefore the Universe will provide it.  Love is the precursor for all healing and gratitude creates humility. This is where magic happens. Happy Valentine’s to you.
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Around the Kitchen Island

By Alexandra Browne-Hill

There was a time when my children would gather at the table for our meals and discussions. There was a scrabble of seat grabbing before waiting for each other to eat. I remember creating a contract of behaviour with one of my teenagers at a wayward stage and we successfully negotiated more acceptable outcomes around the same table.

Do you recall the family meals around the dining room table where mashed potato sat creamily in a presentation bowl and a pile of chicken legs steamed their delightful smells? If you are old enough you may remember Grandma in her apron calling out a ready dinner with demands to wash hands before sitting together to eat. For many of us it was a time to say Grace before eating to give thanks for our food.

While the enjoyment was about plates of nutritious farm bought food, homemade jams and breads, the focus was on catching up on each other’s news. We shared daily information and talked about our lives. We listened to the dilemmas and joys of each other, understanding each family member that much better. Advice was given, rules imparted, manners learnt, support offered, debriefing and various arguments experienced. It was a time of teasing with humour tossed around. In short, a full community gathering around the family table was nourishment for the soul, mind and the body in a package deal.

These were simple things with exponential benefits which I tried to continue but which eased away into the past as society changed. My husband’s car accident which left him long-term in a lounge chair did not help. We shifted our meals onto our laps to keep him company. Noticeably the television gradually took over and the family magic was broken.

As it happened, it was another disaster which reversed the disconnection between us. Our house endured a major flood and the entire building required renovation. Despite the trauma of the long clean up and repair, the gift was in the new kitchen. It came with a huge kitchen island.

Our guests and family seem to drift into the kitchen and take a stool around the island bench. With its concrete urban look in our fresh expansive space, I found the community gathering once again. With the arrival of Christmas, came family from far away. I took a moment with tears filling my eyes, to observe the extended family all busy dicing, stirring, baking and generally filling the kitchen with creation.  The chatter, laughter, and sticky fingers had filled my house and with it a new type of Kitchen Table evolution. Only this time around, it was even better. Where once the matriarchal Cook had been the centre of food creativity, now everyone was involved in making culinary dishes or beautifying the surrounds with attractive glassware and serviettes. Once again my heart swelled happily with the togetherness and this time the work was shared. With equal importance we gathered as we do, around the family kitchen island.

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Monthly article by International writer Alexandra Browne-Hill for the Sibella Publication of Luminous Wisdom, Sophia.

The Truth of Miracles

By Alexandra Browne-Hill.

I love to ponder. Thinking and imagining give me expanse in which to dream, create and manifest. It is exciting to begin a creation with an idea and see it blossom with opportunity into ones dream. My steps into spiritualism began right away at birth and many times in my life I have recognised my evidence of out worldly and energetic assistance.. However, I have been ever practical and realistic also and therefore it has been equally persistent of me to question every event while I search for its truth.

At our lowest ebb in the journey of life, we reach for hope. We lift our arms in prayer and really test our level of faith in something grander and more magnificent than our human existence. Many people mention bowing their head and seriously asking for help. At some level we believe in a merciful energy that can assist us with our different requirements.

When our miracles actually appear, we are amazed at the beautiful magic that has been created before us. We clap, we sing and we dance with our eyes heavenward and so we should! Life is more than drudgery and hardship. It is more than lessons and tragedy. It is the discovery that there is a world beyond our daily awareness and one we intuitively reach for in both our times of trouble and time of joy. We cannot help but hope for miracles. Yet we have a society created fear of them and wonder if they could possibly to be true.

Are we aware that the Truth and a Miracle are one and the same? Do we know that many generations of religious dogma, political ambition and power control have blocked our view of a miracle? What if a wonderful synchronistic event is the result of your ability to manifest a loving outcome because you are more powerful than you think?

The strongest lessons of our life journey are all based around our intuitive knowledge that there is more and our Souls need it. We are a part of something important and that something can provide our answers. When we are aware there is a power within us that can create answers for us and we seek the connection, the miracles begin. There is a reaction to every action. When we send an energy of thought off into the ether then it is this that returns to us in some way. The more positive the thought, the better the gift. When we add strength of prayer and intention behind it then this manifests the power of miracle. This is a simple truth, once hidden and now revealed.

There can be no love without hate, no forgiveness without anger, no faith without doubt. It is good to seek and discover the Miracle of Truth is that the Truth IS the Miracle. Happy 2018.                                                                     


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January Article in Luminous Wisdom, Sophia published by Sibella Publications.