Book Preview

Hey Kieran! I thought of Mick, your best buddy just now and began to text him a hello. I felt strongly that you would want me to send a message to him from you. I heard “G’day” so I wrote this in my SMS. Then heard “add mate”, so I wrote, ‘G’day mate’ and indicated that this was a message to Mick from you. I worried that he would think me nutty so I questioned it. I knew you were beside me, because I saw watery movement beside me, and my “Reiki” hands were burning. I “heard” in my head somewhere – “send it.” I asked back, “Are you sure?” again, the words, “send it” came into my head. I asked myself if I was having a conversation with myself when an impatient, “JUST SEND IT” crashed into my head. I sent it. Two minutes later, I received a phone call from Mick! He told me that he was with Daniel and the boys. They had just finished putting R.M. Williams bull horns on Daniel’s new HQ Holden ute, as well as a Bundy sticker. At the exact moment, our message arrived; your ute song came on their music machine. You were having a drink with the boys they told me and your message sent by me unknowingly, confirmed your presence to them. Cool! They were rapt! Daniel says the ute is Daniel and Kieran’s ute! Although it is quote, “A bloody woeful ute! It needs heaps of work!” Better than the bus I told them!

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